Senator Saland Appointed to Serve on Senate Library Committee

Stephen M. Saland

February 15, 2012

Senator Steve Saland (R,I,C – Poughkeepsie) proudly announced today that he has been appointed to serve as a member of the Senate Select Committee on Libraries. This 19-member bipartisan body was established by the Senate this year and signifies the importance of our libraries in our state’s education system.

The goal of the Select Committee is to give voice to New York’s nearly 7,000 libraries by conducting meetings, conferences and public hearings to gather information regarding the needs of these valuable organizations. The members will actively engage that knowledge to assist the Senate Education Committee and make recommendations on library-related legislative proposals.

“Libraries represent a cost-effective way to increase community access to vital services and information. These institutions provide New Yorkers with essential tools that are particularly important in these challenging times,” stated Senator Saland. “I am proud to have been a long-time advocate for libraries, as they are an invaluable asset to our communities and I look forward to working with the Committee members to adequately address the needs of New York’s library systems.”

In addition to his new role on the Select Committee on Libraries, Senator Saland chairs the Senate Codes Committee, and serves on the Senate Rules, Finance, Education, Judiciary, Insurance, and the Children and Families Committees, and holds a leadership position in the State Senate.