Senator Saland Builds on Job Training Initiative WITH $100,000 Grant

Stephen M. Saland

August 30, 2012

Senator Steve Saland (R, I, C – Poughkeepsie) partnered with the President of Dutchess Community College, Dr. David Conklin, today to announce that he has secured $100,000 in job training monies for the Dutchess County college.

Building on a tradition that dates to 1994, Senator Saland acquired the new monies to be used for job training programs at the college, developed in collaboration with local businesses and employees. Over the past decade, he has helped facilitate over $1 million worth of funding for these services at Dutchess Community College, with an estimated 5,000 workers receiving training and over 150 area companies participating in 200 programs.

“There is a long tradition in Dutchess County of successful collaborations between our local businesses and our higher education institutions – making Dutchess Community College one of the premier centers for workforce development and training in the state,” said Senator Saland. “Monies such as this will help combat unemployment by generating confidence in our workforce and economy, and will help attract and retain local businesses.”

In the past, programs at the college have bridged the gap between current employment practices and technological advancements within local companies. In the wake of unemployment numbers across the country inching upwards, monies like those secured by Senator Saland have played a key role in maintaining best practices of small to mid-sized businesses, and ensuring that employees at each level within the companies are trained in the most progressive models and approaches.

“Senator Saland recognizes that a highly skilled workforce is essential to keeping small and mid-sized Dutchess County companies productive and competitive,” said Dr. David Conklin, President of Dutchess Community College. “This grant will enable local businesses to access high quality training that will build employees’ skills and position them for success in the current economic climate.”

“The discussion will continue to be – jobs, jobs, and jobs,” said Senator Saland. “We need to train employees here to enable local businesses to better compete and grow.”