Senator Saland Calls for Local Hearings on the Nomination of the MTA Chairman

Senator Steve Saland (R,I,C – Poughkeepsie) has requested that a public hearing considering the Governor’s nomination for MTA Chairman be held in the Metro-North Region.  In a letter to the Chairs of the appropriate Senate Committees, Senator Saland contends that should a hearing be held in the city of New York to consider the Governor’s nominee, Jay Walder, Hudson Valley residents should be offered the same opportunity to attend a hearing in the northern counties of the Metro-North region.  Mr. Walder’s appointment is subject to Senate confirmation.

“For too long, the MTA has siphoned money from Dutchess County to support a poorly mismanaged transit system that has proven time and again to have wasteful spending habits that continue to dig a deeper fiscal hole.  Dutchess residents and businesses want a Chairman who will put an end to MTA’s reliance on taxpayers in the Metro-North region.  Senate Democrats displayed not only abhorrent disregard for all local governments, schools, colleges, hospitals, libraries, businesses and not-for-profits in the Metro-North region with their payroll tax, but compounded pain with their increased motor vehicle fees on motorists, the vast majority of whom don’t even use the system.  It is critical that they and the Governor recognize the Hudson Valley has a strong voice and will not support a candidate who will not release us from the burden of serving as revenue hostages” said Senator Saland.