Senator Saland: First Report Issued on the Mta Forensic Audit Reveals Fiscal Abuse

For years, I have been demanding the need for a forensic audit of the MTA.  Under intense public pressure, the Comptroller commenced a forensic audit in 2010.  In the first of a series of reports to be issued by the Comptroller, he points to abuse, manipulation of the system, inflated salaries and pensions, and supervisors signing their own attendance records.  Is anyone surprised?
Given the history of fiscal mismanagement of the MTA, I’m willing to bet this first audit is the tip of the iceberg.  And I’m not a betting man. 
Perhaps if the Comptroller unearths enough abuse, MTA will at long last be forced to clean up its act, stop wasting our tax dollars, and be forced to live without the payroll tax.