Senator Saland Introduces Legislation Barring Convicted Sex Offenders from Working As Building Superintendents or Managers

Stephen M. Saland

February 22, 2010

Level 3 Sex Offender Superintendent Who Had Keys to Over 50 Apartments

 Spurs Call for Proposed Law


            State Senator Stephen M. Saland today introduced legislation prohibiting convicted sex offenders from holding jobs as building superintendents or any other positions that give them unfettered access to people’s living quarters.  The proposed law comes after news reports revealed that a Level 3 sex offender who had raped three girls was working as a superintendent and rent collector at three Manhattan apartment buildings.    

Senator Saland (R-Poughkeepsie)  said, “While current state law requires convicted sex offenders to register with the state and make information about where they live public, it is shocking that rapists are still permitted to work as superintendents or maintenance workers, holding the keys and having access to our homes and our loved ones without our knowledge.  This appalling loophole in the law must be closed immediately.” 

            Recent media reports disclosed that William Barnason, a Level-3 sex offender, was the superintendent for three Upper West Side Manhattan apartment buildings, holding the keys to more than 50 apartments.  Barnason, 57, served more than 14 years in prison for sexual abuse, sodomy and rape of three Long Island girls aged between 5 and 7 years old and one girl over the age of 17.  He was released from prison in 2001.  

                  Senator Saland’s legislation (S. 6857) would prohibit convicted sex offenders from working or volunteering at any facility where the employment gives the offender unsupervised access to residential living quarters.  Under the measure, convicted sex offenders would not be able to work as building superintendents, managers or maintenance workers, home health aides or as aides in assisted living facilities or in other professions that provide unsupervised access to living quarters.