Senator Saland Provides Information on Safeguarding Against Lyme Disease

Stephen M. Saland

April 20, 2012

If you are a resident of Dutchess County seeking a way to safeguard you and your family against Lyme disease and other tickborne illnesses this summer, the information below may be of interest to you.

According to the New York State Department of Health, in 2009 nearly 3,000 residents of Dutchess County were affected by Lyme Disease caused by tick bites.

The Emerging Infections Programs of the New York Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is conducting a study to determine if tickborne diseases can be prevented with a single, targeted pesticide application to yards. Half of the study participants will receive a single application of diluted bifenthrin (an EPA-registered, commercially available pesticide) to their property edges while the other half will receive a single application of water (the study placebo). Participants will be surveyed throughout the summer and fall to determine if they have been bitten by ticks or diagnosed with any other tickborne disease.

Dutchess County Residents who meet the following criteria are eligible for participation in the study:

• at least 18 years of age

• have a freestanding home with a yard between 1/2 acre and 3 acres

• do not have water within 100 feet of their property edges

• have 3 or more people living in their home

• will allow a single, no-cost pesticide application to their yard

• will complete short surveys about ticks and their yard

I would encourage those who are eligible and interested to contact the New York study coordinator by calling 888-668-1856 (toll-free study line) or by emailing For more information regarding the study and how to protect yourself and your family against ticks as the summer heats up, please visit my Senate website at where you will find a link to the CDC’s website. It is my hope that you will find this information useful.