Sue Serino

December 20, 2019

ALBANY, NY—In response to concerns expressed by area residents relating to the construction of the Pudding Street Overpass, a meeting was facilitated today by the office of Senator Sue Serino to get answers to the many questions posed by residents regarding evolving construction plans. The meeting brought together local elected officials, members of the Roaring Brook Lake Property Owners Association, school district personnel, emergency services personnel, representatives from the local highway department, and representatives from the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) and resulted in a commitment from the DOT to improve communication with area residents throughout the construction process.  

Senator Sue Serino said,“Earlier today, my office facilitated a meeting between community leaders and representatives from the NYS Department of Transportation to ensure that the concerns of residents were truly heard by the state. I thank DOT for being a committed partner throughout this process, for taking the concerns of residents seriously, and for committing to effectively addressing them. No construction project ever comes without some headaches, but the consensus is clear—we are all committed to moving this much-needed project forward safely and efficiently. I will continue to keep residents apprised of all updates as they become available throughout this process.”

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne said, "I’d like to thank Senator Serino, NYSDOT representatives, Roaring Brook Lake residents, local officials and emergency service personnel for attending this important meeting to address various safety concerns with the ongoing construction of the Pudding Street overpass. While I understand the median closure and various restrictions to the Taconic State Parkway will undoubtedly cause frustrations, safety and effective communication must remain paramount for commuters of the Taconic, Roaring Brook Lake residents, students, and construction workers on-site. Various concerns regarding emergency service personnel’s access to Roaring Brook Lake were addressed and I’m pleased that we received a commitment to increased communication from NYSDOT."

Putnam Valley Town Supervisor Sam Oliverio said, “I would like to thank Senator Sue Serino for organizing a very in-depth and informative meeting with the officials from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the company doing work on the Pudding St. Overpass.  The meeting covered all topics of concern especially the closing of both the median at Pudding Street as well as the Stillwater Lake Crossing.  The issues of the blasting that is ongoing at the site were also addressed.  I was pleased with the format and also the explanations given by both the DOT and Company Representatives concerning the topics raised.  I was especially happy with the news that the DOT would be supplying bi-weekly updates of the construction project.  Kudos to Senator Serino and her staff for organizing such an important discussion.”

Putnam County Legislator Bill Gouldman said, “A positive dialogue took place with NYSDOT Representatives, on December 20, 2019, as they listened to the concerns addressed by both community members and Elected Officials. We can all agree this much needed project is a huge undertaking, and I am confident that NYSDOT will work in the best interest of all parties, while providing a safe environment for both the public and their workers.”

Area residents began sharing concerns regarding the early closing of the median associated with construction of the Pudding Street Overpass. The median was originally scheduled to remain open until summer of 2020, but due to safety concerns that have arisen since the schedule was originally announced, the median was closed this December. 

While plans are expected to change along the way with any construction project, residents expressed frustration at a lack of communication as these changes occurred. At today’s meeting, the DOT representatives committed to providing stakeholders with bi-weekly updates that will then come weekly when construction increases again in the spring. The meeting also provided an opportunity for DOT to develop an effective plan of action with local emergency services representatives.

Importantly, DOT also expressed that they stand ready and willing to address the concerns of residents at any time throughout the process. It was reported at today’s meeting that the project is currently operating on schedule. Residents who wish to contact DOT about the Pudding Street Overpass should call Jimmy Zheng, Lead Engineer, at 845-476-5189.