HYDE PARK, NY – With small businesses across the community still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Senator Sue Serino is on a mission to help them bounce back.

This week, the Senator launched a listening tour to solicit feedback from area employers about their experience and their efforts to rebuild. As part of her ‘Small Business Bounce Back’ tour, Senator Serino will be visiting small businesses across the community throughout the summer to hear first-hand about ways in which the state can empower businesses to ensure they thrive again. 

The tour kicked off with stops in and around Pine Plains, where Senator Serino was joined by Chairman of the Dutchess County Legislature, Gregg Pulver and Town Supervisor Darrah Cloud.

“Our small businesses are the heart of our community, and the drivers of our economy,” said Senator Serino. “If they fail, we fail, and we have a duty to ensure that they have the tools they need not just to survive the pandemic, but to truly thrive in its wake. I govern by listening, and no one knows what a small business needs better than its own team. As we work to rebuild, we must do the work to truly understand their needs and ensure they are able to effectively bounce back if we want to get our community, and our state, back on track, and that is what this initiative is all about. 

“Thank you to Senator Sue Serino for touring Pine Plains local businesses,” said County Legislature Chairman Gregg Pulver (Pine Plains, North East, Milan, Stanford). “The Senator has always been a strong advocate and resource for small town businesses who are too often left out of the conversation. Throughout the pandemic she guided us all through ever evolving and difficult to manage state regulations. I’m glad to partner on her rebuilding tour.”

Darrah Cloud, Town Supervisor of Pine Plains said, “We had a delightful afternoon touring businesses in Pine Plains with Senator Serino and Legislator Pulver. We were able to talk to quite a few owners about both their experiences during Covid and their needs going forward. I believe this is the beginning of many such fruitful conversations as well as substantial planning for any future crises. I am very grateful for the opportunity to fill her ears with the problems and successes in our town.”

After a lunch at the famous ‘Spud Shack’, as part of the initiative, the officials visited:

·A.R. Massage Therapy

·Barber Shoppe and Shaving Parlor

·El Guacamole

·Moose on the Loose Sandwich Shop

·Pine Plains Auto Body

·Pine Plains Fine Wine and Spirits

·Pine Plains Pharmacy

·Roosters Route 82 Home and Hardware Center of Pine Plains

Senator Serino plans to continue the listening tour throughout July and August. Local small businesses interested in having Senator Serino stop by as part of the initiative can call 845-229-0106 or email