Senator Sue Serino Urges Residents to Make Their Voices Heard to PSC

Sue Serino

March 31, 2022

HYDE PARK, NY – Senator Sue Serino today is urging local residents to make their voices heard by submitting comment to the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC) regarding any problems they have experienced with their electric bills. 

“My office continues to be inundated with calls and emails from frustrated neighbors who are reporting truly egregious issues with their electric bills,” said Senator Serino. “From receiving no bills to receiving multiple, ever changing bills, to price increases three and four times their average bill, this has been an unmitigated disaster that needs to be corrected immediately. I thank the Public Service Commission for being responsive to my request and urge our neighbors to act swiftly to submit their public comments for the record so the state gets a clear and accurate picture of the breadth of this problem.”

On February 16, 2022, Senator Serino wrote to Governor Kathy Hochul and PSC Chair Rory Christian asking for, among other things, the PSC to launch an investigation into the high bills residents have been receiving. On March 8, 2022, Senator Serino received a response in which it was confirmed that an investigation has commenced. A copy of the response letter can be viewed by clicking here.

Residents who wish to submit public comment can do so by clicking here. To date, over 700 public comments have already been submitted.