Sue Serino

September 23, 2016

HYDE PARK, NY—With the corruption scandal of the decade currently rocking that State Capitol, Senator Sue Serino took aim at an absurd proposal discussed today at the open meeting of the Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation where a pay increase for legislators of nearly 80% was discussed.

“Appalled is an understatement,” said Senator Serino. “Here we are with news breaking of one of the most egregious corruption cases in recent memory—the third in less than a year in Albany—and members of this Commission have the gall to discuss a pay raise of nearly 80%? The proposal is laughable. I am blown away by the audacity and absolutely disgusted by the news coming out of all corners of our state today.”

Last month, Senator Sue Serino expressed outrage over a proposal being discussed that would have increased legislative salaries by 47% and made her opposition clear then.

“What was discussed by the Commission today is not only a slap in the face to hard-working New Yorkers, it shows absolute ignorance and a complete disregard for the people of this state. While we are working hard to eradicate the dysfunction that has historically plagued Albany, and while we are making significant strides on that front, I once again reiterate my vehement opposition to the excessive proposal on the table. ”

“Public service is not about the payday, it is about the people. Until corruption is rooted out of Albany, until our state is thriving and New Yorkers have a renewed faith in their government, let the record show that I will continue to be a vocal opponent of these shocking proposals.”