Sue Serino

October 08, 2021

HYDE PARK, NY—State Senator Sue Serino, Ranking Member of the State Senate’s Aging Committee, today is sounding the alarm over the impact the healthcare worker shortage is having on New York’s nursing home and long term care residents. 

“Again, New York is totally unprepared to handle staff shortages that impact our most vulnerable,” said Senator Serino. “Early in the pandemic, the public was reassured that nursing homes could access available staff through New York’s volunteer staffing portal if they were short, but we heard repeatedly that no qualified long term care staff were actually available when needed, and questions to the former administration on this issue were never effectively addressed. It feels like “Groundhog Day,” as the state continues to repeat its past mistakes, leaving these already vulnerable New Yorkers without access to the care they deserve. It is not right, and ensuring these facilities have the certified staff they need to provide quality care must be our top priority.”

In a letter to Governor Hochul, Senator Serino is urging the state to make staffing these facilities a top priority and is urging the state to release key data pertaining to the staff shortage so that lawmakers and others can work to more effectively address the growing problem. 

The Senator also plans to introduce legislation to this effect and is urging her colleagues to consider its passage if the state does not act immediately to release this critical information.  

To view a copy of the correspondence, click here.