Sue Serino

June 24, 2021

Senator Serino is pictured above with Awardees Gavin Roca (T-L), Stefano Hammond (M-L), Alliyah Steele (M-R), Rebecca Itty (B-L), Patrick Reinhardt (B-R).

HYDE PARK, NY –Senator Sue Serino today is commending an impressive group of local high school students for their academic achievements and their commitment to community leadership. Senator Serino presented the students with ‘NYS Senate Youth Leadership Recognition Awards’ in a virtual ceremony on Wednesday, June 23rd.

“These students are the next generation of leaders, and after hearing about all of their achievements and future aspirations, it is an honor to have the opportunity to recognize them for their work, and thank them for their dedication to our school communities,” said Senator Sue Serino. “These students all faced incredible challenges over this past year, yet they refused to let anything stand in the way of achieving their goals, and I can’t commend them enough for their grit and determination. It is clear they all have a bright future ahead, and I cannot wait to see where it takes them!”

Each year, Senator Serino and the New York State Senate invite members of the community to nominate students for the prestigious award program who excel both inside and outside of the classroom and serve as role models for their peers. 

The 2021 Youth Leadership Recognition Awardees Include:

  • Julia Pomeroy (Arlington High School)

  • Kiran Abraham-Aggarwal (Arlington High School)

  • Rebecca Itty (Arlington High School)

  • Saychelle Takahashi (Arlington High School)

  • Andrew Sciculuna (Haldane High School)

  • Eden Feinstein (Haldane High School)

  • Patrick Reinhardt (Haldane High School)

  • Stefano Hammond (Haldane High School)

  • Abigail Lowder (Putnam Valley High School)

  • Alliyah Steele (Putnam Valley High School)

  • Lindsey Cohen (Putnam Valley High School)

  • Brady Wade (Red Hook High School)

  • Eli Staubi (Red Hook High School)

  • Gavin Roca (Red Hook High School)

  • Alexis Martinez (Rhinebeck High School)

  • Cora Osterhout (Tabernacle Christian Academy)

  • Daniel Warren (Tabernacle Christian Academy)

  • Joshua Phillips (Tabernacle Christian Academy)

  • Peter Hostetter (Tabernacle Christian Academy)