“Transcript Raises More Questions than it Answers; Reaffirms Need for Full, Independent Investigation”

HYDE PARK, NY— Senator Sue Serino released the statement below in response to the release of the full secret meeting transcript and news of a federal investigation into the Cuomo Administration:

“While I appreciate that my original call to release the full transcript was answered without stonewalling my FOIL request, I did not find anything remotely ‘refreshing’ in its contents. I remain incredibly disturbed by the political undertones of the meeting. Politics should never have entered into a conversation about the deaths of 15,000 nursing home residents—period. The transcript raises far more questions than it answers and only reaffirms the need for a full, independent investigation into the state’s overall handling of the COVID crisis in our nursing homes.

With news breaking overnight of a federal probe now under way, we can only hope that we are one step closer to getting the truth, transparency, and improved state policies that residents and their loved ones have deserved from the start.” 

This past weekend, Senator Serino had called on the Governor to release the full transcript of the secret meeting, which was held between leading members of the Governor’s Administration and members of Legislature’s Supermajority, and on Monday, she filed a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Request for its release.

Senator Serino is the Ranking Member of the NYS Senate's Aging Committee.