Sue Serino

February 09, 2016



ALBANY, NY—Senator Sue Serino (R, C, I—Hyde Park) announced today that she has introduced a bill that could provide significant tax relief to pet owners and New York farmers through a sales tax exemption on medication and medical equipment used to promote the health of those animals.  

“Many of us would consider our animals a significant part of our family and many of our farmers depend on them for their livelihood,” said Senator Serino. “Too often I hear from individuals who are frustrated with the exorbitant cost of pet medications and their associated taxes. This bill is a win for pet owners and sends a message to New York farmers—the lifeblood of our state—that we care about the well-being of their animals and the overall success of their farms.”

Put simply, the bill, S. 6633, will provide a state sales and compensating use tax exemption for drugs, medicine, medical equipment and other supplies used for the care of both companion and farm animals.
Serino, who Co-Chair’s the Legislature’s Animal Advocacy Day, emphasized the major impact this bill could have for our farmers in the bill’s justification, noting that the State already recognizes the importance of farming and helping promote the agricultural economy by omitting taxes on tangible personal property used for farming.
Serino emphasized the fact that often a single farm can host a great number of animals saying, “Some of New York’s farms are home to thousands of animals and it is easy to see how costs could add up quickly and jeopardize the viability of an entire farm if multiple animals require medical attention. If we truly want to send the message that New York is ‘Open for Business’ we need to focus on initiatives that provide tangible relief to those operating here and this bill does that. I urge my colleagues in both Houses to join the movement to provide real tax relief to pet owners and New York Farmers.”
The announcement follows this afternoon’s press conference in which the Senate’s Republican Conference came together to unveil their extensive ‘Planting Seeds’ initiative aimed at growing our state’s agricultural economy.
Senator Serino, who attended the press conference, spoke to the plan’s importance saying, “Our farms, and the farmers who dedicate each and every day to cultivating them, truly are the lifeblood of our state. ‘Planting Seeds’ is a major comprehensive initiative with the power to spur innovation, improve public health, assist our veterans, and empower our family farmers. The economic success of our state is directly linked to the viability of our farms and meeting their needs must remain a priority as we continue to shape our legislative agenda this year.”

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