ALBANY, NY – Senator Sue Serino is speaking out on behalf of the countless New Yorkers who are once again being left behind by New York’s broken unemployment system. In a letter to the Governor and the NYS Department of Labor Commissioner, Senator Serino is expressing outrage over the issues plaguing the system over a year after they first became known, and is pushing for an immediate fix to the persistent problems that are leaving New Yorkers unable to pay for basic necessities.

“It is unfathomable and unacceptable that in one of the technology capitals of the world, the state has not figured out a way to effectively manage its unemployment system,” said Senator Serino. “Thousands of New Yorkers remain out of work as a direct result of state actions, and it is the state’s responsibility to ensure that they have access to the resources they need to stay afloat during this time. This is bureaucracy at its absolute worst, and there is simply no excuse to still be having these problems over a year after they first started. The Governor and the Department of Labor must make fixing these issues an immediate top priority.”

It is estimated that almost 1 million New Yorkers still remain out of work. To date, Senator Serino’s office has helped thousands of local residents navigate the broken system to access their benefits—many of whom had waited months to receive the unemployment benefits they were owed from the state.

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