Sue Serino

September 02, 2021

ALBANY, NY—Senator Sue Serino today released the statement below following the passage of yet another eviction moratorium extension:

The state has been sitting on billions of dollars from the federal government for months that was supposed to be providing much needed financial relief to tenants and small landlords alike. Instead of getting it out the door immediately to those who need it, they called a special session to wrap the program in even more red tape. New Yorkers do not need yet another 'special session,' they need a real solution, and once again the Supermajority is falling down on the job.

By kicking the can down the road again, the Legislature is creating a serious long-term problem, threatening to drive mom and pop landlords out of the rental business, which ultimately will only exasperate our growing affordable housing shortage.

I voted against the extension today, not because I don’t care about tenants, but because I do, and I know they cannot afford to pay the long-term consequences of the actions the Legislature took here today.”