HYDE PARK, NY— With news breaking that members of the Governor’s administration altered a report on COVID-19 nursing home Deaths, Senator Sue Serino released the following statement:

“This solidifies what we suspected in July–the state report is a total sham.

To tamper with the findings of a report of this magnitude is a new low. When we talk about an ‘undercount,’ we are talking about real human lives and countless impacted families who deserved so much better than to be erased from the pages of this report by some desperate bureaucrat.

Accurate data matters. Not having access to accurate data only denies us the opportunity to identify problem areas and establish better, more effective policies.

In light of this news, if the Supermajority continues to block efforts to launch a full, independent investigation into the state’s overall handling of the COVID-crisis in our nursing homes, they’re an active party to the cover-up. We will not stop pushing for the transparency and accountability these residents, dedicated staff and loved ones deserve.”

Senator Serino is the Ranking Member of the State Senate’s Committee on Aging.