Sue Serino

June 03, 2022

ALBANY, NY – Senator Sue Serino released the following statement in response to the end of the 2022 Legislative Session:

“While I am proud of a number of accomplishments this Legislative Session, like securing full funding to expand the Joseph P. Dwyer Veteran Peer to Peer Services statewide, accelerating our middle class tax cut, and advancing a repeal of the gas tax—a measure I was told would never even be considered—overall it did not go nearly far enough to move New York forward. 

With a new Governor at the helm, I came into this session with high hopes for change and meaningful policy that would bring real relief to New Yorkers who are being crushed by skyrocketing costs and fearing for their future. Instead, in these last few weeks, they received only more of the same—rushed policies, bills that continue to put the rights of criminals over those of law abiding citizens, and more new taxes. 

Every day, I hear from neighbors who are making tough choices about what bills they can afford to pay as they choose between putting gas in their car or buying groceries. To adjourn session without advancing meaningful financial relief for struggling residents does a serious disservice to New Yorkers and proves once again that Albany politicians live in a bubble. The inaction on this front this session only reaffirms my commitment to ensuring our community has a strong, independent voice, fighting to make a real difference for our neighbors.”