HYDE PARK, NY— After reviewing the legislation reportedly agreed upon by both the Senate and Assembly aimed at addressing the Governor’s Emergency Powers, Senator Sue Serino today released the following statement:

“This proposal is not a repeal of the Governor’s Emergency Powers—it is an absolute sham.  It does nothing to change the circumstances, does nothing to restore balance in government, and even removes the April 30th sunset provision, essentially extending the Governor’s total control indefinitely.

Under this proposal, the Governor still controls the process and worse, the Governor himself, in the midst of multiple scandals—involving a cover-up of nursing home deaths, multiple sexual harassment allegations, and accusations of bullying of lawmakers, press and others—was actually a part of the backroom deal. That is politics at its worst. After everything we have learned, the Legislature had a duty to advance a clean repeal of the Governor’s Emergency Powers as my colleagues and I have done every single day of Session. 

New Yorkers are smart—which is why they will see right through this lame attempt to help an embattled Governor retain power. If my colleagues across the aisle are serious about repealing the Governor’s Emergency Powers, they need to bring a clean repeal bill to the floor for a vote immediately.”

It is expected the bill will be taken up before the Senate on Friday, March 5th.

The bill in question can be viewed in full by clicking here.