Sue Serino

November 11, 2020

Serino/Lalor Bill Signed into Law

ALBANY, NY – Senator Sue Serino and Assemblyman Kieran Lalor today announced that their bill to designate State Route 9 in the Town of Wappinger as ‘Wappinger Veterans Memorial Highway’ has been signed by the Governor into law.

“Veterans Day is a day for us all to pause and come together to honor the tremendous sacrifices our vets—and their families—have made for each and every one of us. I thank the Governor for helping our community honor our local heroes by signing our bill to officially create the Wappinger Veterans Memorial Highway today,” said Senator Sue Serino. “Thousands of residents and visitors travel the highway regularly, and naming it the ‘Wappinger Veterans Memorial Highway’ will play a role in ensuring our vets know they forever have a grateful community behind them. I thank our servicemen and women and all of those who have played a role in making this initiative a reality.” 

"Wappinger is fortunate enough to be home to heroes with names that grace our local parks like Major Joseph McDonald, Sergeant Mark Palmateer and Major Daniel Martz. Wappinger is also a place where many humble veterans reside, work and contribute to our community in innumerable ways.  Along with Senator Sue Serino and the Town of Wappinger, I am very pleased that Route 9 in Wappinger is now known as Wappinger Veterans Memorial Highway in honor of these brave men and women who have served our nation and preserved our way of life," said Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor, 105th Assembly District.

Wappinger Town Supervisor Richard Thurston said, “This landmark legislation for the Town of Wappinger takes us one step further towards ensuring that our Veterans receive the full recognition that they so rightly deserve for the risks taken and sacrifices made for our great democracy and its peoples.”

Kevin Hathorn, Deputy Supervisor, Town of Wappinger, said, “The Town of Wappinger residents all share our gratitude in the final approval of the “Wappinger Veterans Memorial Highway signs for Route 9 through the town. Honoring and remembering veterans has always been our top priority. Many thousands of vehicles travel on Route 9 daily, and the signs will reinforce those feelings, and our travelers will all smile upon passing the north and south borders of the Town of Wappinger.”

The legislation was introduced at the request of the Town Board of Wappinger who chose this particular stretch of roadway, as it is the most heavily trafficked highway within the town.