Governor Paterson Signs Legislation Authorizing Residential Parking Permit System in the Town of Mamaroneck

Suzi Oppenheimer

July 31, 2009

  Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Mamaroneck) announced that her bill, S.1181, authorizing the Town of Mamaroneck to establish a residential parking system, was signed into law by Governor Paterson on July 29, 2009.

Municipalities must receive specific legislative authority from the state and comply with certain rules before instituting residential permit parking programs on public streets. The legislation will allow the Town of Mamaroneck to address severe parking shortages in the areas of town adjacent to the New England Thruway, the Metro-North New Haven Line and the borders of the village of Larchmont and the city of New Rochelle. If established, the residential parking permit system would be limited to the following roadways: Washington Square, North Chatsworth Avenue between Myrtle Boulevard and Edgewood Avenue, New Jefferson Street, Old Jefferson Street, Murray Avenue between Myrtle Boulevard and Leafy Lane, and Lester Place.

“This legislation empowers the Town of Mamaroneck to take the steps necessary to significantly improve parking problems for the residents of this neighborhood, many of whom are senior citizens,” said Senator Oppenheimer. “A permit parking system will ensure residents much-needed access to on-street parking, while providing reasonable parking rules for nonresident commuters and short-term visitors.”