Oppenheimer Applauds Citizens' Efforts to Protect Long Island Sound

Suzi Oppenheimer

August 02, 2011

Under threatening skies, Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Mamaroneck) joined with Sound Shore residents and public officials this week at a Harbor Island event unveiling the SoundVision Action Plan developed by the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Long Island Sound (CAC) and Save the Sound.

The Senator expressed her support for the 26-page plan, which sets forth specific action steps to protect clean water, create a safe haven for wildlife, build environmentally sound communities and invest in projects to preserve, restore and enjoy the Sound.

“Few would doubt that preserving the Sound is an important environmental goal,” observed the Senator. “But it is not simply for our fish, our birds and our ecosystem that we must protect this unique and beautiful landscape.  Long Island Sound enhances the quality of life in our community and plays a vital role in the economic well-being of Westchester County and the State.”

The Senator outlined her own conservation efforts, including legislation she introduced to impose a five cent surcharge on plastic bags – a common pollutant found along the shores that can obstruct stormwater flow. 

“While we have made great improvements, we must continue the momentum to safeguard water quality and protect wildlife habitats.  We need to work together, maintaining public and private support as necessary, to fulfill the objectives of the Action Plan,” concluded Senator Oppenheimer.

A lifelong environmentalist, Senator Oppenheimer is consistently rated one of the top New York state legislators on environmental issues.