Senator Oppenheimer Holds Second Annual Geography Bee for Middle School Students

Suzi Oppenheimer

April 26, 2012

Lars Schonander of Iona Grammar Wins Oppenheimer's Second Annual Geography Bee

On April 16, 2012, Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Mamaroneck) hosted her second annual Geography Bee for local middle school students at Iona Grammar School in New Rochelle. Eighth grade students from four area middle schools – Blind Brook Middle School in Rye Brook, Iona Grammar School in New Rochelle, and both the Rye County Day School and Rye Middle School in Rye – participated in this year’s competition. 

Lars Schonander of Iona Grammar emerged victorious in the geography bee, surviving stiff competition from fellow Iona classmates Thibault Forgeas and Stefan Lindblom, Rye Brook’s Sam Zarkower, Rye Country Day’s Daniel Kozek and Rye Middle School eighth grader, Mihir Bala.  Everyone present was impressed by the depth of knowledge that each student demonstrated.

Senator Oppenheimer, who moderated the competition, remarked:  “These bright and engaging students are a tribute to their parents, teachers and schools.  Their vast knowledge of geography will serve them well in our increasingly interdependent world.  Through the study of geography, they learn to look beyond their own communities and “comfort zones” to embrace the many different cultures, peoples and landscapes they will encounter across the globe.”

The Senator invites you to test your knowledge of the United States with these sample questions from this year’s competition (the answers appear below):

  1. Which state has the largest percentage of its land designated as Native American land?
  2. Which is the only one of the Great Lakes entirely within American borders?
  3. Name two state capitols that are named for presidents of the United States?
  4. The Platte is a tributary of which river?
  5. Which state capitol city is located on the shores of Narragansett Bay and was founded by Roger Williams in 1636?



Answers:        1. Arizona; 2. Lake Michigan; 3. Madison, Wisconsin and Lincoln, Nebraska; 4. Missouri River; 5. Providence, Rhode Island