Don't Mess with Texas: Senator Murphy Sponsors Blood Drive to Help Hurricane victims in the Texas Gulf Coast

Chappaqua, NY - Residents in the Chappaqua area answered the call for help, turning out in droves to donate to a blood drive organized by Senator Terrence Murphy, the Town of New Castle, and the New York Blood Center to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The response was far greater than expected. Nearly 70 people registered and rolled up their sleeves to donate blood, including Senator Murphy. Each donation can help save three lives, which means 162 people could be helped by the donations collected at the blood drive.
Senator Murphy had already scheduled a blood drive on August 30 at the New Castle Town Hall to help replenish the New York Blood Center's blood bank. When Hurricane Harry struck, the pressing need for blood donations in the Gulf Region became an immediate concern. Blood centers in Houston were unable to collect blood, so Senator Murphy, the Town of New Castle, and the New York Blood Center joined in the nationwide relief effort to help people in the devastated Gulf Region.
"Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Texas. We want them to know that we have their backs. You can count us in on anything that will help get them through this devastating disaster," said Senator Murphy. "This blood drive is about unification - taking care of our fellow Americans and giving them what they need to survive."
New Castle Supervisor Rob Greenstein stated, "Just as we rally around our local neighbors when they are in need, so many are looking for ways to help those in Texas.  Hurricane Harvey and its associated flooding are impacting the nation's blood supply.  A request was made for blood donors to meet the immediate and future needs in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and our community answered the call, in a big way.  I'm so proud to be part of such a generous and caring community."
"Blood centers affected by this disaster have been shut down and may be unable to operate for several weeks, and the need for blood in the Gulf Region is at a critical level," said Andrea H. Cefarelli, Executive Director Donor Recruitment, New York Blood Center. "We are pleased with the enthusiastic turnout for the Chappaqua blood drive and will continue to help the people of Texas in any way we can."
"Just the ability to be up here and be able to help someone down there is just a wonderful thing," said donor Brian Jabloner.
Founded in 1964, The New York Blood Center serves 20 million people in the greater New York area through partnerships with more than 200 hospitals in New York City, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut. Now, donations made by New Yorkers will be able to aid families in Texas.