Latimer Sends Letter of Support Backing Senator Murphy Proposal Protecting Indian Point Communities

County Executive Calls for Tax Stabilization Fund in Final Push of State Budget

Albany, NY - Two of Westchester County's leading political figures are teaming up to protect the communities surrounding Indian Point from financial hardship.  With the looming closure of Indian Point, residents in Cortlandt and Buchanan are looking at major revenue shortfalls and their local governments and school district want to start saving now.  State Senator Terrence Murphy, who has criticized the State's Task Force's inaction, proposed a tax stabilization fund to the tune of $27 million for Westchester County, the Town of Cortlandt, the Village of Buchanan and the Hendrick Hudson School District.

State Senator Terrence Murphy said, "It has been more than a year since Governor Cuomo announced the closure of Indian Point and nothing has been done to help the local taxpayers.  The time is now.  This isn't about politics but helping people stay in their  homes.  Albany caused this mess and it should pay for it!"

With just a few days left until the 2018-19 budget is due, newly elected County Executive George Latimer has added his support for immediate action. In a memo of support sent to state lawmakers, Latimer offered a helping hand to push the measure through as negotiations continue.

County Executive Latimer stated, "I applaud Senator Murphy's efforts to see that the people of Cortlandt and Buchanan get the help they need.  At last week's task force meeting I pledged the County's support in helping to mitigate the potential property tax hit and I am more than happy to join forces with Senator Murphy to achieve that.  This is about helping local taxpayers continue to call our great county home."

The tax stabilization fund, as well as language to protect the 1,200 jobs at Indian Point, were included in the Senate's one-house budget that was passed earlier this month.  This marked the first time any legislative recognition was given to the issue of Indian Point since its closure was announced.

New York's budget is due on April 1st.