Making The Old Look New Again: Senator Murphy Secures $50,000 Grant For Peekskill Youth Bureau Building Renovations

Peekskill, NY - The Peekskill Youth Bureau is known as a haven for children looking to expand their cultural and educational horizons. Thanks to a $50,000 grant from Senator Terrence Murphy, Peekskill will have a remodeled, modern facility where they can relax and learn.

The Executive Director for the Peekskill Youth Bureau, Tuesday Paige McDonald, summed up her organization's delight at the announcement: "People don't know how much you know until you know how much they care."
"The effort to rebuild the Youth Bureau's facility comes through communication," Senator Murphy noted. "It doesn't happen without an open dialogue and keeping everyone involved so I can get the funds the Youth Bureau needs. My job in Albany is to fight for the 40th Senate District. I'll always try to help this city in any way I can. Peekskill will never be forgotten."
Reverend Robert E. Young, Pastor for Mt. Olivet Church said, "Senator Murphy has continued to show his care and concern for the community, especially our youth and their enrichment. He's a model for what a politician should be. He provides hope and opportunity for our youth and their families. We're grateful he's chosen to continue to invest in our community."

Peekskill Mayor Andre Rainey stressed the importance of the Youth Bureau being a safe place not just for kids, but the staff as well. "These children come to the Youth Bureau and build strong and lasting relationships with the all the staff here. It is important that we have a place for everyone involved to be secure and comfortable in their surroundings. Watching the staff mentor the children has been inspiring. The success of the Youth Bureau is an example of the positive direction Peekskill is headed in."
County Legislator John Testa was excited to see the project grow, which was started during his tenure as Councilman and Mayor for Peekskill. "Having also been a teacher for 33 years, I know that students need a place to go where they can feel at home," he said. "It is important that the Youth Bureau continues to reach out to our young people. Fifty Thousand dollars can go a long way in refurbishing the building."
Ms. Paige McDonald was overjoyed with the grant, thanking Senator Murphy. And she was not alone. Her team was there to celebrate the moment. "There is no 'I' in 'TEAM'" she proclaimed, as she introduced her staff. "They deserve so much credit for the day in and day out hard work."
"All the adults here are invested in helping our children build better lives for themselves," stated DFC Coalition Coordinator Danielle Satow. "We want the youth of Peekskill to know that we built this space for them and they are always welcome here."
Darryl Francis, Senior Youth Advocate said, "I thank Senator Murphy for the grant and Mayor Rainey for his continued support. It gives us all a sense of accomplishment knowing we've created a place the kids can be proud of."