Murphy Delivers Eight Figure Increase for Hudson Valley Local Roads

ALBANY, NY - Although it has been a mild winter, many roadways in Westchester County are nevertheless badly in need of repair. Senator Terrence Murphy has listened to the voices of drivers in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties who are tired of potholes and rough road surfaces and acted to secure nearly twelve million dollars from the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) for municipalities in the 40th Senate District.
The money is part of the DOT's Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS) and Local PAVE-NY 2016-17 budget. Westchester County will receive $3,351,815 in funds, an increase of $513,188 from 2015-16; Putnam County will get $1,169.055, an increase of $131, 842 from last year's allocation.
"Our roadways are vital to our economy. They keep commerce rolling smoothly through the Hudson Valley," Senator Murphy said. "Tourists, commuters, parents and school children all rely on and expect our roads to be safe and trouble-free. The good news is that each town will be receiving an increase in funds from last year to help bring our infrastructure up to speed."
Yorktown Supervisor Michael Grace said, "We are very happy with the town's allocation. Repaving our local roads will decrease problems with traffic and lessen wear and tear on everyone's vehicles. We deeply appreciate what we're getting through the efforts of Senator Murphy."


Brewster Trustee Erin Meagher said, "From his help with rebuilding the Carmel Avenue bridge Senator Murphy has proven his focus is local and he has delivered yet again with this additional money for our roads. As both a local elected official, and the CEO of the Mahopac-Carmel Chamber of Commerce, I am confident he understands how fixing our crumbling infrastructure creates jobs and is vital to our economy."
Mt. Pleasant Highway Superintendent Peter Scaliano added, "I'm glad we're getting an increase. This winter was pretty mild, but we don't have enough in our budget to repave all the roads in town. We have a hundred and twenty miles of double-lane roads we have to take care of.  The extra funding from CHIPS is going to be a big help."
The breakdown for municipalities in the 40th Senate District is as follows:
Westchester Co.                      2016-17 Budget                      Increase from 2015-16 
Buchanan                                $61.018.10                              $4,477.58 
Croton                                     $182,343.43                            $13, 653.36 
Cortlandt                                 $371,027.79                            $25,590.69
Mount Kisco                           $131,586.52                            $9,490.38       
Mount Pleasant                       $299,719.90                            $20,157.55
New Castle                             $273,230.36                            $64,070.09     
North Salem                           $119,818.39                            $7,854.20       
Lewisboro                               $184,829.65                           $13,409.04     
Peekskill                                 $337,849.87                            $33,373.45     
Pleasantville                           $119,133.26                            $8,461.56       
Pound Ridge                           $156,364.22                            $10,422.73
Sleepy Hollow                        $124,184.32                            $8.974.04       
Somers                                    $269,561.61                            $18,575.30     
Putnam County                       2016-17 Budget                      Increase from 2015-16 
Brewster (Village)                  $26,022.19                              $1,833.10
Carmel                                    $373,021.75                            $25,724.69
Patterson                                 $166,221.61                            $11.292.47
Southeast                                $197,290.27                            $13,842.77


Dutchess Co.                          2016-17 Budget                      Increase from 2015-16 
Beekman                                 $144,034.53                            $10,679.10
Pawling                                   $133,594.40                            $9.950.49
Pawling (Village)                   $74,941.54                              $5,504.95
In addition, Senator Murphy is pleased to announce a $4 million DOT grant for the Rt. 124 Accelerated Paving Project. The face lift encompasses the entire length of Rt. 124, which runs from Pound Ridge to South Salem. Construction is expected to begin in June.
"Good roads are important to business activity and the growth of the community in general," County Legislator Francis Corcoran said. "Having a new, safe roadway can help attract new businesses and families to the area. We want to continue to create a community where people want to live and will continue to want to live."
"The new paving project is good news, especially for commuters because that particular corridor sees a lot of rush hour traffic," Pound Ridge Supervisor Richard Lyman said, Town Supervisor for Pound Ridge. "The surface of the roadway is beaten up. There's been some patchwork done in the past, but it's time for a resurfacing. Between the work done on route one-seventy-two and route-one-twenty-four, drivers will now have a smooth, safe trip."