Read The Signs: Senator Murphy's $5,000 Grant Lights Up Speeders

Grant Provides Funds for Two New Speed Enforcement Signs

Valhalla, NY - We're always in a hurry, and too many of us forget that speed kills. To help prevent accidents and remind drivers to pay attention to posted speed limits, the Town of Mount Pleasant has installed a pair of solar powered stationary radar speed enforcement signs on one of its busiest streets. The signs, located on the north and south end of Columbus Avenue, were financed through a $5,000 grant provided by Senator Terrence Murphy.
"These signs could help save lives. We live in times when we're always on the go. I've seen people barrel through densely populated neighborhoods like they're racing in the Indianapolis 500," said Senator Murphy. "These signs will remind lead-footed drivers that they're creating a dangerous situation by speeding, that they're breaking the law, and that they need to slow down."
Mt. Pleasant Chief of Police Paul Oliva stated. "Sometimes drivers are unaware of how fast they're going. The speed indicator sign has been very effective in serving as a reminder to drivers that they are entering a congested residential area. There are kids, seniors, and families here, and we want them to be safe. Also, because the sign is solar powered, it's also cost-efficient."
As a vehicle approaches the sign, the radar unit measures how fast the vehicle is going and posts its speed in green light if the vehicle is traveling within the speed limit. The speed is displayed in red light if the vehicle is exceeding the posted limit. The sign is also programmed to show statements such as "thank you" or "slow down."
A recent study has shown that speeders will slow down up to 80% of the time when alerted by a radar sign and that radar speed signs are particularly effective at getting "super speeders"-speeders driving 20 mph or more over the posted speed limit-to slow down.