Senator Murphy Calls on Governor Cuomo & Assembly to Support Tax Stabilization Fund For Indian Point Communities

Albany, NY - With the clock counting down to the deadline for the 2018-19 state budget, New York State Senator Terrence Murphy is fighting  to the very end to see that tax stabilization funds are approved and funded for the communities surrounding Indian Point. The Senate one house budget called for tax stabilization funds for Westchester County, the Town of Cortlandt, the Village of Buchanan and the Hendrick Hudson School District. Both the Governor's proposed budget and Assembly one house failed to provide any type of relief for the impacted areas.  

State Senator Terrence Murphy said, "The people of Westchester are watching. Not only did my colleagues in the Senate approve a common sense financial tool to help the Indian Point community prepare for the $450 million in lost property taxes but we put our money where our mouth is. It now falls to the Governor and Assembly to put up or shut up. The time for studies and talk is over."

Earlier this week Westchester County Executive George Latimer publicly endorsed Murphy's proposal. The plan calls for a $24 million fund split equally among the Governor, Senate and Assembly. As of Wednesday night, there has yet to be a commitment from the Executive or Assembly. 

In addition to the stabilization funds, Murphy has also championed worker protection language to retain the 1,200 employees at the plant and have them work through the decommission process. This was also approved in the Senate's one house budget.

Murphy continued, "There are real consequences for the Governor's decision to close Indian Point. Already strapped taxpayers should not be asked to foot the cleaning bill for his mess. Let's stop playing politics and just get the job done."

New York's budget is due on April 1st.