Senator Murphy Comments on Findings of Fatal 2015 Valhalla Train Crash released by the NTSB

VALHALLA, NY - On February 3, 2015, a commuter train on Metro-North Railroad's Harlem Line struck an SUV at a grade crossing between the Valhalla and Mount Pleasant stations, killing six people and injuring fifteen others. The crash was the deadliest in Metro-North's history, and led to an in-depth investigation by the National Transportation Board (NTSB). Yesterday, at a hearing held in Washington D.C. the NTSB announced its findings, concluding that the driver of the SUV, Ellen Brody, crossed the tracks for "undermined reasons."
State Senator Terrence Murphy, who has lobbied for legislation to improve safety measures at the Commerce Street Crossing, made the following comments:
"I commend the NTSB for conducting an extensive, unbiased investigation into the tragic commuter train crash in Valhalla in 2015. We may never truly know what caused Ellen Brody to react in the manner she did, but the findings indicate the crossing gates and lights were functioning properly." 

"My heart goes out to Alan Brody, his family and everyone impacted by this heartbreaking incident. The NTSB is not looking to place blame; they simply reported their findings in the hope of providing a measure of clarity and closure for the individuals and families whose lives were devastated by the accident." 

"Perhaps some good will come from this investigation. I implore the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to adopt the safety recommendations made by the NTSB. There are clearly actions we can take to improve safety for riders and drivers alike to ensure they reach their final destination."