Senator Murphy comments on latest Albany scandal

Terrence Murphy

September 23, 2016

YORKTOWN, NY - State Senator Terrence Murphy released the following statement:

"As I was serving breakfast to our troops this morning at Camp Smith, I learned of the unfortunate news of more action taken by the U.S. Attorney's Office, regarding the latest corruption charges stemming from Albany.  This only reminded me that Albany's culture has nurtured an atmosphere which wrongly puts special interests and self interests above the public's." 
"Earlier this year, we passed legislation requiring greater disclosure for political consultants who are also working for companies that have business with the State.  Whether a lobbyist or political consultant, greater transparency is needed to ensure taxpayer dollars are well protected."
"There is always more work to be done which is why I believe term limits are crucial to restoring the public's trust.  Further, we must complete the process of amending the constitution to ensure corrupt politicians have their pensions stripped." 


"I agree with the Governor that we must have a zero tolerance approach and these individuals will have their day in court."