Senator Murphy heats up Somers with $100,000 investment in solar energy

Somers, NY - With the cost of energy rising, many municipalities are looking to solar energy as a renewable resource. To help the town of Somers reduce its energy costs, Senator Terrence Murphy recently secured a grant that will help finance the installation of solar panels on the Highway Department's roof.
"New York State has a goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by the year 2030. Installing solar panels at the garage will play a part in it," said Senator Murphy. "We're always trying to find alternatives for renewable energy. Without question, solar energy improves the standard of living for our residents and the environment. Any commitments we can make, whether it's to solar, hydro, or geothermal energy are all steps in the right direction."
Somers Town Supervisor Rick Morrissey said, "Constructing solar panels on our highway garage is in keeping with the town of Somers commitment to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, while saving taxpayers' money. The town has a commitment toward renewable energy and we are doing everything we can to meet that obligation. We are grateful for Senator Murphy's support as well as the Somers Energy and Environment Committee for their efforts. "
Tommy Chiaverini, the Superintendent of the Highway Department, was overjoyed with the grant. "Our Highway Department is committed to improving Somers. If that means using one of our buildings to help keep the environment clean and lower taxes, then I am all for it."