Senator Murphy helps justice take flight

Grant Provides Putnam County Sheriff's Office With Drone
Grant Provides Putnam County Sheriff's Office With Drone

Carmel, NY - When residents in Carmel look up in the sky, they may not see Superman, but they can put their minds at ease knowing the Putnam County Sheriff's Office has a drone that plays a crucial role in the safety of their community.

As an advocate for law enforcement, Senator Murphy has supported the Putnam County Sheriff's Northern Initiative program. To enhance the program, a $10,000 grant from Senator Murphy was used to purchase a surveillance drone.
Senator Murphy recently visited the Sheriff's Office and was afforded a closer look at the drone.  On hand were Sheriff Robert L. Longley, Jr. Undersheriff Michael F. Corrigan, Captain Harry Thompkins, Captain James Babcock, Captain Kevin Cheverko, and Chief of Staff Beth McKinney.
"In this digital age where criminals have added high level, sophisticated technology to their arsenal of tricks, law enforcement must fight back proactively with smarter solutions, keeping us a few steps ahead of the bad guys," noted Senator Murphy. "I will continue to sponsor legislation that will help protect law enforcement officers. I sponsored a bill, S1114A, designating offenses committed against law enforcement and first responders punishable as hate crimes. These are the men and women who put their lives on the line every day so we can enjoy an afternoon in the park with our families, or simply walk down a street without fear for our lives. We need to stand by them."

In speaking about the drones many uses, Captain Babcock said, "The drone is a valuable asset for law enforcement. It can be used for search and rescue, traffic control, and accident reconstruction. It is also equipped with thermal energy sensors that can help locate individuals."
"It is a safety net for our officers," added Ms. McKinney. "Thank you, Senator Murphy, for providing the grant for this valuable tool."
The drone is operated by remote control. It is waterproof and can reach a speed up to 48 miles per hour. Drones have been employed by law enforcement in hostage situations, drug busts, and have even been used as flotation devices.