Senator Murphy passes bill for State Owned Land in Hudson Valley to be Studied

Senate Passes Bill Authorizing Study to Determine Full Scope of Issue

Albany, NY - Hiking through the Donald J. Trump Park, which straddles the boundary lines of Putnam and Westchester Counties, has become a frequent activity since the park was first established in 2006. Despite its popularity, few of the visitors can distinguish between the French Hill and Indian Hill sections. Ironically, New York State recognizes the two sections as separate and only pays taxes for the Indian Hill property located in Putnam County.
New York State Senator Terrence Murphy said, "The piecemeal approach currently utilized by New York State regarding the taxation of state-owned lands creates an unfair disparity for local taxpayers. There are several examples of this winners versus losers scenario, and now with the proposed closure of Indian Point, communities that will be directly impacted need the ability to seek a replacement for the potentially lost revenue. This legislation will provide us with a clear scope as to the true amount of untaxed land and the impact it will have on local taxpayers if the State paid its fair share."
In February, Senator Murphy called for an investigation into the discriminatory tax policy and penned a letter to the Office of Real Property Taxes. Upon the response from Commissioner Nonie Manion and subsequent meetings with administration officials, Senator Murphy introduced the legislation passed by the Senate yesterday.
Westchester County Legislator John Testa said, "With the proposed closing of Indian Point looming, our municipalities need to explore all possible avenues for replacement revenue. This study will set the stage for future impacts and concerns for the loss of tax revenue that will directly impact the residents of Westchester County." 
Mt. Pleasant Supervisor Carl Fulgenzi said, "It is important to see the amount of property and revenue the state land in Mt. Pleasant would be. However, equally as important, is determining how New York State would make up the bill. I applaud Senator Murphy's prudent approach to make sure we have a full understanding of the scope of this issue and its full impact."
North Salem Supervisor Warren Lucas said, "As President of the Westchester Association of Town Supervisors, I applaud Senator Murphy's actions to bring the needed parity regarding the State's policy of payment of local real estate taxes. This will surely benefit all of the municipalities in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties."
The bill has been sent to the Assembly where it is sponsored by Assemblyman Gary Pretlow.