Senator Murphy Reacts to Governor Cuomo's Executive Order That Puts Handcuffs On Law Enforcement

Albany, NY - On Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order blocking state agencies and officers from inquiring about a person's immigration status.  The order, which is the second controversial decree handed down by the Governor in two weeks, comes as federal immigration authorities have stepped up enforcement across the nation.

Last week, the Governor bypassed the legislature by issuing an order that would give voting rights to tens of thousands of criminals on parole.

State Senator Terrence Murphy said, 

"It is sad to watch any Governor grovel for votes.  Here in the Empire State, law abiding citizens are being completely neglected and taken advantage of.  Under this Governor, New York continues to find ways to protect and reward law breakers while middle class families can barely pay their property tax bills.

It is ironic that the Governor uses words like reckless when describing the enforcement of laws by federal authorities.  Any order that limits communication between federal, state and local authorities is reckless in and of itself.  Considering the recent spike in gang violence, especially that of MS-13, the timing of this executive order could not be more irresponsible.  With the stroke of a pen, Governor Cuomo just made New York State less safe for the public as well as the men and women of law enforcement."