Senator Murphy, Yorktown Town Board help DOT see the light

DOT Agrees to Change Traffic Light at Dangerous Intersection to Full Traffic Signal

Yorktown, NY - Drivers in Yorktown have often complained about the potential danger involved with crossing the intersection of Route 118 and Route 129. As one resident put it, "Sometimes you have to keep you head on a swivel to get through that area safely." Residents felt the flashing signal light at the intersection was insufficient. Senator Terrence Murphy, working in conjunction with Yorktown Town Supervisor Michael Grace and the Town Board, compelled the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) to conduct a signal study. As a result of the study, overseen by the Regional Traffic Safety and Mobility Office, the DOT agreed to remove the present flashing signal light and replace it with a three-color traffic signal.
New York State Senator Terrence Murphy said, "This is another example of Yorktown's local and state government officials working together to address concerns of our residents. This light will improve the safety of a dangerous intersection and will make it a friendlier section of the road for motorists."
Yorktown Supervisor Michael Grace said, "Living around the corner from this dangerous intersection I have witnessed near misses firsthand. As a town board, we continue to address potential hazards on our roadways and work with our partners on the state level to facilitate real solutions. I want to thank Senator Murphy for his partnership in solving this matter as well as to DOT officials for recognizing the concerns of our neighbors."
Yorktown Town Councilman Greg Bernard said, "It is always great to see government working in tandem to address a quality of life issue for our residents. As the traffic safety liaison for the town board, I can attest to the dangerous conditions surrounding this frequently traveled area of town."
Yorktown Town Councilman Tom Diana said, "This has been a long time coming. Due to the limited sight lines at the intersection, I am surprised there have not been more accidents there. I think the new traffic light will have a positive effect on reducing the number of fender-benders in the area."
"I applaud Senator Murphy for thinking about the safety of the people of Yorktown and our visitors by pushing this issue into the forefront," said Yorktown Town Councilman Ed Lachterman. "Yorktown offers some great amenities for our residents, including the nearby County bike trail, and this will help make travelling easier and safer for everyone."
Yorktown Highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli said, "Anytime the State DOT improves our roadways is a good thing. This light will not cost local taxpayers money and bring a needed safety enhancement to residents and visitors of our town."