Senator Murphy's $10,000 grant provides Montrose FD with new ATV

Montrose, NY - Just this week, as tornados whipped through the Hudson Valley, we were reminded that humanity is hardly a match for Mother Nature. Battling the elements is a significant part of a firefighter's trade but they also must have the right equipment to be successful. To enhance the Montrose Fire Department's ability to respond to rescue and emergency situations, Senator Terrence Murphy recently provided the department with a $10,000 grant to purchase a specialized all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

"This new ATV will give firefighters and emergency medical personnel easy access to wooded areas, bike paths, and other off road places wherever there's a need to transport someone who is sick or injured," said Senator Murphy. "We've had frequent and intense storms this past year, resulting in many downed live wires and fallen trees. Sometimes fire engines and ambulances can't get through the debris to provide aid. This ATV is quick, agile, and will help firefighters cope with adverse weather conditions."

"We deeply appreciate Senator Murphy's commitment to help first responders," said Montrose Fire District Commissioner Robert Lockwood. "The vehicle can be used for a wide range of duties, including helping us put out the brush fires that crop up in Blue Mountain Reservation. That area is also popular for its bike trails, and the ATV will be useful in getting injured riders out. Many people use ATVs as toys. This one may help save a life."