Senator Murphy's $10k grant gives Yorktown Police Department more bite

New Police Dog Joins Police Force

Yorktown, NY - No, the Yorktown Police Department has not gone to the dogs. If anything, the addition of K9 Spar, a new German Shepard police dog, will help curtail crime in the area. Senator Terrence Murphy, who secured the $10,000 grant for K9 Spar, was on hand as the town's new officer was introduced to the community by Yorktown Police Chief Robert Noble, Yorktown Supervisor Illan Gilbert, Town Board members Tom Diana, Ed Lachterman, Alice Roker, and Vishnu Patel and members or the Yorktown Police Department were also on hand to greet Yorktown's latest canine cop.
K9 Spar joins with K9 Dallas to form the Yorktown Canine Unit. K9 Spar's duties will include drug detection and patrol; K9 Dallas, a Labrador, is trained primarily for the task of drug detection.
"I've been in Yorktown all of my life. I remember as a six-year-old seeing a Yorktown police officer with a dog and that it made me feel safe," said Senator Murphy. "Getting K9 Spar is money well spent. The presence of a canine enhances the job that the police can do to protect the residents of our town. Anyone breaking the law who wants to challenge K9 Spar or K9 Dallas will indeed find out 'who let the dogs out.'"
Yorktown Police Chief Robert Noble stated, "On behalf of the Town of Yorktown Police Department, we once again need to thank Senator Murphy for helping us to better protect our community. The grant funding secured by Senator Murphy allowed the Town of Yorktown Police Department to fully staff our K9 program. We share the Senator's desire to rid our communities of opioids, and other illegal narcotics. Yorktown Police Department K9 Spar and his partner, Officer Campion, will join Yorktown Police Officer Thomas Beyrer, and his partner K9 Dallas on the front lines, protecting the lives and property of those in our community. Keep fighting the fight Senator. We are grateful for your support."
"I appreciate all that's being done to fight against crime and the raging heroin and opioid epidemic," said Yorktown Town Supervisor Ilan Gilbert. "Receiving the second canine with the help of Senator Murphy is another tool in the toolbox we can use to keep our residents safe and reduce the incidence of crime."
Councilman Tom Diana, a former officer with the Yorktown Police Department, was also their canine handler. "I was happy to be able to start the Drug Detention Canine Program with K9 Dallas. It is equally pleasing to see that program growing with the addition of K9 Spar, who is a dual-purpose officer that will handle drug detention and patrol. I wish K9 Spar the best of luck in apprehending the bad guys. If we can stop criminal activity before it gets into town, then we're doing our jobs."
"I would like to welcome K9 Spar to Yorktown. Woof. Woof. Woof," said Councilman Ed Lachterman. "In all seriousness, I'm very proud to be part of a team that puts the safety and standard of living of the citizens of Yorktown front and center. I'm equally pleased to know we have Senator Murphy leading the charge and helping support our town in making the employment of K9 Spar a reality."