Senator Murphy's $200,000 Grant Allows College To Keep Pace With Technology

Pace University Turns Wilcox Hall Into State-of-the-Art Learning Environment
Pace University Turns Wilcox Hall Into State-of-the-Art Learning Environment

Pleasantville, NY - Notebooks and laptops have replaced sneakers and basketballs at Pace University's Willcox Hall. Thanks to a $200,000 grant from Senator Murphy, Willcox Hall, which once served as a gym, has been transformed into a lecture hall and multi-purpose room.  The renovation produced a much-needed academic classroom that promotes a collaborative active learning environment.
"Education is the key to success, particularly in this day and age in which technology plays such a vital role. Providing the funds to refurbish Willcox Hall to turn it into a state-of-the-art facility is an investment that will ultimately benefit both students and the community," said Senator Murphy. "The renovation of Willcox Hall will help Pace's ability to attract students who will contribute to the Hudson Valley's economic development by living and working in the area."
"We are very grateful to Senator Murphy for his ongoing support of Pace and his efforts to secure funding for this worthwhile endeavor," stated Vanessa J. Herman, Assistant Vice President for Government & Community Relations at Pace University. "The space is extremely popular with our faculty, students, and staff and we are delighted to be able to host community events in the newly refurbished space."
"The renovations to Willcox Hall have provided Pace with another way to connect with our community and have helped transform our campus," said Bill Colona, Director of Government and Community Relations at Pace University. "Thanks to funding from the State and Municipal Facilities Program and Senator Murphy, our newly-renovated spaces provide the community with opportunities to come to Pace for meetings, hearings, ceremonies, and conferences that are open to the public, and for Pace students, faculty, and staff to gather for special lectures, workshops, and programs."
The Willcox Gym was the primary facility for Pace's Athletics Department. In 2002, the Athletics Department relocated to the Goldstein Health Fitness and Recreation Center, with the Willcox Gym still used for sports and events during the winter months. A new facility to house the entire Athletics Department was built in 2015, providing an opportunity to repurpose Willcox Hall.
As Westchester County's largest university, Pace is committed to providing a world-class higher education while also ensuring that the University's graduates obtain skillsets that meet the demands of the regional economy. Pace hosts hundreds of events each year, many of which are open to local communities.