Senator Murphy's $8k grant gives Buchanan firefighters the breath of life

Buchanan, NY - Everyone has seen the dramatic scene in a movie when a firefighter courageously battles smoke and fire to rescue someone desperate for air. Sadly, that scene often plays out in real life, so it is imperative that firefighters have equipment that can operate at peak efficiency in a time of crisis.
With firefighter's safety in mind, Senator Terrence Murphy provided the Buchanan Engine Company No. 1 with a grant for $8,000. The money was used to purchase Scott Air-Pak masks. The masks provide respiratory protection for firefighters when they enter and exit rooms that are smoky, oxygen deficient or have an unbreathable atmosphere. Each firefighter received a mask   specifically designed specifically for their individual facial features.
"To all our first responders, thank you. You know that the community needs you. You come when the bell gets rung, whether you're sitting at the dinner table or trying to get some sleep. We wanted to help upgrade your firefighting equipment to allow you to focus on the critical job at hand. We want you all to stay safe and these masks will help. I look forward to our continuing work together to save lives."
Chief Stuart Bayer said, "We appreciate the grant and thank Senator Murphy. I promise that the money will be put to good use to buy vital equipment required for keeping our people safe. We have one of the lowest budgets in the county, so any time some extra dollars come in we make sure that we spend it in the most cost effective manner. Our gear costs the same as every other department regardless of the budget provided which is why this grant means a little extra to this department."
Lt. Rocco Picciano and Lt. Kieran Outhouse were on hand to thank Senator Murphy for the grant and to demonstrate the mask's effectiveness.