Seniors at Fox Center Get Surprise Birthday Congratulations From Senator Murphy

Mt. Kisco, NY - Everybody loves a birthday surprise. Senator Terrence Murphy surprised a group of senior citizens at the Fox Senior Center in Mount Kisco on June 27 when he dropped in to wish them a happy birthday. June has been a busy month for the center with forty seniors celebrating their birthdays.                                                                                                                                                                                          "Just because you've gotten older, that doesn't mean you can't still have fun," said Senator Murphy "The seniors at the center are a vibrant, active group who can still kick up their heels and are very much in touch with what's going on in their community. Happy birthday to those seniors celebrating this month, and continued good health to everyone else at the Fox Senior Center."
Liz Dieter Recreation Supervisor for the center commented, "Everyone looks forward to our monthly birthday parties because they get to celebrate with the friends they've made at the center through the years. We're always happy when our elected officials come by to speak with our seniors and listen to what's on their minds."

Birthday girl Patricia Lee said, "I'm blessed to be in Mount Kisco. This is a wonderful senior center and it was nice of Senator Murphy to take time from his busy day to come by and spend some time with us."
Jeanne Lakin will be 92 years young in August. She says that being at the senior center helps her feel young and that having a good time with friends never gets old. "I came to Mount Kisco by accident," she recalled. "The luckiest and smartest thing I ever did was to decide to stay. This is a great center and having Senator Murphy visit makes the day even better."
The Fox Senior Center is the home of the Mount Kisco Senior Recreation Group and the Mount Kisco Senior Nutrition Program. The Center provides a wide variety of intellectual and recreational opportunities, including wellness and exercise classes, workshops, health screenings, computer classes, cultural arts celebrations and intergenerational partnerships.