Squires, Chappaqua's Most Diverse Clothing And Footwear Store, Receives Senator Murphy's Business Of The Month Award

Chappaqua, NY - If you can't find it at Squire's, then it probably doesn't exist. Squires' Family Clothing and Footwear prides itself on being stocked with a wide variety of quality name brands for any season year round. It's one of the few stores where customers can buy flip-flops at the same time as snow boots. Above all else, its Squires unique brand of personalized service that keeps customers coming back for more.
In recognition of Squires' economic and social impact on the community, Senator Murphy recently presented co-owner Michael Kushner and Store Manager Joe Galgano with a New York State Senate Empire Business Award for September 2018.
"This is the third time we have recognized a small business with this award. Giving it to a local small business gets more enjoyable every time we do it," said Senator Murphy. "Squires is a beloved staple in Chappaqua. Customers who visit the Chappaqua store know they can count on Mike and Joe's expertise. They know that when they come through these doors, they'll be treated like an old friend."
"This award puts all of our hard work into the proper perspective," said Kushner. "Small stores don't have it easy. We wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for our loyal customers who support us day in and day out. We enjoy being on a first name basis with everyone. Part of our success lies in knowing what our customers like and in anticipating what they may need."
Squires has been serving the Chappaqua and Katonah communities since 1949. The Kushners have owned the business since 1987. Michael's father, Lloyd, the President of the company, runs the Katonah store, while Michael, who serves as Vice President, operates the store in Chappaqua.
Kushner traces Squires longevity to his policy of "perpetual inventory." He says he learned over the years that it's not uncommon for customers to come in looking for clothes out of season. By continually selling a product, shoppers have come to know that Squires carries that item year-round, and that has led to repeat business from loyal local customers. "Our customers have been loud and clear, they like knowing they can depend on us to have what they want, whenever they want it. They know that if they bought something from us a few seasons ago, there's an excellent chance we'll still have it in stock. It's an advantage we have over the big-box stores and internet shopping sites. We also stand by our products. If someone has a question or a concern, we'll personally fix the problem."
Squires' high rate of customer satisfaction encourages residents to shop locally and has a positive effect on the community. "When small businesses close, their failure affects not only the town's tax base but schools taxes as well," Kushner noted. "You can tell when a community is thriving by the number of businesses it has in its downtown area. When you begin to see empty storefronts, you're seeing a community in decline."
Kushner and Galgano have a lifetime of experience between them. Michael remembers sweeping floors in his father's store when he was seven, then moving up the ladder to salesman. "I was supposed to go to law school," he recalled, "but I didn't want to wear a tie for the rest of my life. I enjoyed talking to people and seeing the smiles on their faces when they get the shoes or clothes they've been searching for."
Joe Galgano has more than 40 years of experience in sales and has an almost magical talent for creating displays. He somehow manages to find a spot on the showroom floor for nearly every piece of clothing and the many accessories in the store's massive inventory.
Squires has a selection of core products and boasts a wide range of high-quality name brands as Patagonia, Sperry, North Face, Tommy Bahama, K-Swiss, Ugg, Merrell, and Christopher Blue.
Squires also donates to numerous churches and synagogues throughout the year, including the First Congregational Church's semi-annual Barn Sale. After 9/11, Squires reached out to first responders donating clothing, socks and other needed items.
Squires has shown they are truly deserving of the Business of the Month Award.