Youth is Served: Putnam County Youth Court Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Senator Murphy

Carmel NY- Thirtieth anniversaries are often recognized with a gift of diamonds. The Putnam County Youth Court recently celebrated their landmark 30th year by taking 31 young diamonds in the rough and turning them into polished experts in the field of law. Senator Terrence Murphy was on hand November 29th at the Putnam County Courthouse in Carmel to mark the occasion and congratulate the latest class of trainees for successfully completing the Youth Court's comprehensive training program.
Senator Murphy said, "Youth Court has made a big difference in the lives of young people throughout Putnam County.  Barbara Reitz does an incredible job coordinating the program. It helps students hone their public speaking skills, boosts their self-respect, and gives them an understanding of the legal system. Judge James Reitz, who oversees the Drug Treatment Court program, is passionate about giving a second chance to people who have shown a willingness to help themselves. I have often said we should clone Barbara and Judge Reitz. They have done incredible work in helping young people become responsible and productive adults."
Established in 1987, the Putnam County Youth Court is an effective prevention and intervention program. Through the program, young people gain a better understanding of their rights as well as the rights of others and the importance of their role in the justice system.
Participants take part in a 10-week training program, attend a Carmel Court Observation, and must pass a Bar Exam. Youth Court program trainees learn from experts in the justice field and earn community service hours.