Senator Gipson Tours Roosevelt Estates

Terry Gipson

February 14, 2013

For Immediate Release: February 13, 2013
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Hyde Park, NY- This afternoon, Senator Terry Gipson held a press conference outside the home of Former President Franklin Roosevelt after a tour of Val-Kill, the FDR Library, and FDR’s home where he addressed a wide range of questions.

“The Roosevelts' estate and their legacy remains an important piece of our national history,” said Senator Gipson. “This site is not just a museum or a monument to the past, it is a living breathing community which offers diverse educational opportunities. As a State Senator and public servant, I am re-inspired by the work of the Roosevelts to do my best for the people of New York.

"I was pleased to discuss legislation I have recently sponsored, especially my Equity in Education Act (S.2967) which changes the way we fund education,"said Gipson. "That is legislation that I hope would carry forth the legacy of the Roosevelts."

Senator Gipson was joined by Hyde Park Town Supervisor Aileen Rohr, Director of the FDR Presidential Library/Museum Lynn Bassanese, Superintendent Sarah Olsen and Executive Director of Honoring Eleanor Roosevelt, Uri Perrin.

Senator Tery Gipson is the first Democratic Senator elected to this district since Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1910.

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