Senator Terry Gipson Commends Putnam County Legislature for Protecting Residents From Fracking by-Products

For Immediate Release: March 21, 2013
Media Contact: Brian Keeler | 845.463.0840 |


ALBANY, N.Y.- Senator Terry Gipson today sent a letter commending the Putnam County Legislature for passing legislation that bans the use of hydraulic fracturing byproducts in road de-icing products. The bill was passed with unanimous, bipartisan support, and also prohibits the sale of “fracking” waste and its introduction into wastewater treatment plants in Putnam County.

Senator Gipson expressed his hope that the County Legislature’s actions would serve as an example to the rest of New York State. Senator Gipson is the prime sponsor of NYS Senate legislation (S.3333) that prohibits fracking wastewater, which contains a variety of chemical and radioactive contaminants, from being used on highways for purposes such as melting ice.

“I applaud the Putnam County Legislature for banning the use of fracking byproducts in the treatment of our roads,” Senator Gipson said. “We must ensure that all New Yorkers are protected from the harmful chemical and radioactive elements that are found in the wastewater created by hydraulic fracturing.”

Senator Gipson’s bill would help prevent radioactive fracking waste from contaminating nearby surface waters, residential areas, school properties, and farmland. Currently, this type of waste exceeds the legal criteria for hazardous waste classification. However, under current federal and state law this type of waste is classified as industrial which eliminates tracking requirements for its handling, storage, treatment, and disposal.

“My bill will ensure that residents in my district and throughout the state are protected from exposure to chemical and radioactive elements found in fracking wastewater. This is common-sense legislation with broad bipartisan support, and I urge my colleagues to join me in protecting the health and quality of life of our fellow New Yorkers,” Senator Gipson concluded.

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