Thomas D. Croci

January 14, 2016

Senator Croci Announces New York State Senate Has Voted To Permanently Cap State Spending

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Christine Geed, Communications Specialist or (631) 398-8044

 Jennifer Romero, Press Secretary or (631) 513-5657

Hauppauge, NY – New York State Senator Thomas Croci (R-C-I, Sayville), along with the Republican-led Senate, has voted to make the New York State spending cap official in an effort to codify fiscal discipline for budgeting at the state level.

“When the Democrats and New York City had control of the Legislature, spending caused a $10 billion deficit for New York.  Since Republicans have taken control, we have had five consecutive, on-time state budgets and we have taken the state from a deficit to a surplus – all while practicing fiscal constraint with spending at the state level,” stated Senator Croci. “If the state can produce a fiscally sound budget, while also still providing the services that our tax payers expect, then there is no reason not to ensure these spending practices continue by making this bill a law.”

The legislation (S5507) would take effect in 2017 and would result in an expected savings of $12.8 billion for fiscal years 2017 through 2019, alone. The purpose of this bill is to ensure that the conservative and disciplined budgeting practices of the past five budgets, resulting in zero to little spending increases, continues through this permanent cap on spending.

The bill will now be sent to the Assembly where it is hoped that it will be acted upon quickly.

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