O'Mara and Palmesano issue final reminder to municipalities on BRIDGE-NY application process ~ Application deadline is this Friday, Sept. 9, 2016 ~ [UPDATE: 'Southern Tier the biggest upstate beneficiary']

At a "Local Roads Matter" news conference in Corning last fall, Senator O'Mara was joined by Assemblyman Palmesano, Assemblyman Chris Friend and regional highway superintendents to call for greater state support for local roads, bridges and culverts.
BRIDGE-NY is the next phase of this year’s increased state support for our local transportation infrastructure. In addition to local roads, local bridges and culverts are in critical need of rehabilitation and replacement.

Elmira, N.Y., September 6--State Senator Tom O’Mara (R,C,I- Big Flats) and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R,C,I-Corning) today issued one final reminder on Friday's deadline for municipalities regionally and statewide to submit an application for BRIDGE-NY funding that will be distributed over the next two years to help localities undertake bridge and culvert rehabilitation and replacement projects.

In a joint statement, O’Mara and Palmesano said, “BRIDGE-NY is the next phase of this year’s increased state support for our local transportation infrastructure.  In addition to local roads, local bridges and culverts are in critical need of rehabilitation and replacement.  After five years, beginning in 2008, when state support for local roads and bridges remained stagnant, the state’s recognition over the past several years, and especially this year, of the importance of local transportation infrastructure and parity in statewide transportation funding will continue making a significant difference for our local governments, local economies, local property taxpayers and motorist safety locally and statewide.  We will continue to work with Governor Cuomo, our legislative colleagues and local highway superintendents and leaders across this region and state on this vitally important challenge and priority, but this year’s budget marks an important move forward. Every additional dollar of state support means a dollar less that our local property taxpayers have to pay.  It’s also an important investment in economic growth and job creation throughout the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions, and all across New York.  We’ll keep working and building on it.”

[UPDATE, August 17: "Southern Tier the biggest upstate beneficiary in DOT's five-year capital plan"]

According to the state Department of Transportation (DOT), BRIDGE-NY funding is available to all municipalities authorized to receive and administer state and federal transportation funding. A competitive process will be utilized to distribute the awards, which will support all phases of project development including design, right-of-way and construction. Evaluations will be based on the resiliency of the structure, the current bridge and culvert structural conditions, and the significance and importance of the bridge based on traffic volumes, detour considerations, the number and types of businesses served and the overall impact on commerce.

Applications for BRIDGE-NY funding will be accepted through September 9, 2016. Additional information and applications can be found at: https://www.dot.ny.gov/bridgeny.

O’Mara and Palmesano have partnered with local highway superintendents and other local officials from throughout New York over the past several years to lead the fight in the Legislature for fairer and stronger state support for local transportation infrastructure, including bridges and culverts.  It’s been a growing, bipartisan effort since 2013.  Earlier this session they organized a bipartisan group of 130 senators and members of the Assembly, more than 60% of the entire Legislature, who joined county and town highway superintendents and other local leaders from throughout the state to call for increased support for local roads, bridges and culverts.

O’Mara and Palmesano recently announced that area counties, cities, towns and villages will receive significant increases in state funding for local roads through the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS) and the newly established PAVE-NY program as part of the recently enacted 2016-17 New York State budget.  They have noted that local roads and bridges account for 87% of the roads, 52% of the bridges, and 48% of the vehicle mileage logged in New York State.