Kennedy, Schimminger Announce Local Bridge Dedicated for Fallen New York State Trooper Kevin Dobson

Senator Kennedy and Assemblyman Schimminger Passed Legislation to Designate I-290 Bridge over Twin Cities Memorial Highway as “New York State Trooper Kevin P. Dobson Sr. Memorial Bridge”

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Senator Tim Kennedy, Assemblyman Robin Schimminger and the New York State Police today held a ceremony to officially dedicate the Interstate-290 bridge that crosses N.Y. State Route 425 at the Colvin Boulevard exit as the “New York State Trooper Kevin P. Dobson, Sr. Memorial Bridge.”

Senator Kennedy and Assemblyman Schimminger sponsored legislation to name the bridge for Trooper Dobson, who was killed in the line of duty while working to keep our roads safe. The bill – which recognizes the life, service and sacrifices of Trooper Kevin Dobson – was signed into law last year.

Trooper Dobson was struck and killed by a vehicle on I-290, near the Colvin Boulevard ramp, during a routine traffic stop in March 2011. The new law makes the official designation and ensures adequate signage is installed to mark the bridge as the New York State Trooper Kevin P. Dobson, Sr. Memorial Bridge.

“Trooper Kevin Dobson was faithfully committed to his duty to protect and serve our community. He went above and beyond, always working hard to keep our roads and neighborhoods safe,” said Senator Kennedy. “The ‘New York State Trooper Kevin P. Dobson, Sr. Memorial Bridge’ will serve as a reminder for all Western New Yorkers that our highways were made safe by Trooper Dobson and his brothers and sisters in uniform. As we dedicate this highly-traveled bridge in Trooper Dobson’s honor, we thank those who have dedicated their lives to law enforcement and we ask our community to do what we can help keep our State Troopers and local police officers safe – and that starts by reducing speed and moving over for emergency vehicles stopped along our roads and highways.”

“I am so pleased to be standing here today at this dedication, honoring Trooper Dobson’s service to our community and New York State. Renaming this overpass in memory of Trooper Dobson will ensure that from his tragic death will come a daily reminder to motorists to slow down and move over for police cars, fire trucks and ambulances that are stopped on the side of the road with their emergency lights on,” said Assemblyman Schimminger. “Since 2010, five New York State troopers have lost their lives in the line of duty in automobile accidents and during routine traffic stops – the most recent tragedy occurred just last week. It is my hope that this reminder will cause motorists to be more aware of the dangers that police officers and other emergency personnel face every day.”

Trooper Dobson’s father Dick Dobson said, “On behalf of the entire Dobson family, we’re honored that the state has taken this action to honor my son Kevin’s name. My boy was dedicated to making the highways of New York State safer for motorists, bicyclists and all who travel our roads. We know that Kevin’s death was not in vain, and we miss him dearly. We want to thank Senator Kennedy, Assemblyman Schimminger and the entire Western New York Delegation for their work to officially designate this heavily-traveled highway as the ‘New York State Trooper Kevin P. Dobson, Sr. Memorial Bridge.’ It will help everyone who travels the highway recall the selfless actions of all law enforcement officers who work so hard every day to keep our community safe.”

New York State Police Captain Steven Graap said “This event is extremely significant as the very community Trooper Dobson served will be reminded of his sacrifice each time they travel this section of Interstate 290 and view the prominently displayed signs hung in his honor.”

Senator Mark Grisanti, who cosponsored the bridge-designating legislation, also attended the dedication ceremony.

Trooper Kevin Dobson, a 14-year veteran of the State Police force, is remembered as a loving father and dedicated officer whose commitment to public safety always remained unwavering. The I-290 bridge to be named for Trooper Dobson crosses the Twin Cities Memorial Highway, near the Colvin Boulevard ramp – a site very near the location where Trooper Dobson’s life was taken in the line of duty.

This bridge-dedication ceremony for Trooper Dobson comes just days after New York State Trooper Christopher Skinner was laid to rest after a driver intentionally struck and killed him with their vehicle during a routine traffic stop.

“The New York State Police and local law enforcement put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe. We encourage New Yorkers to keep Trooper Skinner and his family and friends in their thoughts and prayers as we reflect today on the service and ultimate sacrifice of Trooper Dobson,” Kennedy said.

Senator Kennedy’s legislation to designate the bridge for Trooper Dobson was also cosponsored by Western New York Senators Gallivan, Grisanti and Ranzenhofer, and Assemblyman Schimminger’s companion bill was cosponsored by area Assemblymembers Hawley, Corwin, Walter and Giglio.



Senator Timothy M. Kennedy represents the New York State Senate’s 63rd District, which is comprised of the town of Cheektowaga, the city of Lackawanna and nearly all of the city of Buffalo. More information is available at