Senator Kennedy on Budget: We Can’t Let the Exclusion of UB 2020 Kill our Efforts to Pass the Plan this Year

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Senator Timothy M. Kennedy, D-58th District, released this statement, following an initial review of the budget agreement announced Sunday by Governor Cuomo and the legislative leaders.

“I appreciate Governor Cuomo’s commitment to helping us grow the Western New York economy, and I look forward to the summit he will host to discuss how we can make UB 2020 a reality. However, I am disappointed that UB 2020 – a plan that will help spark new job creation in Western New York – was not included in the budget negotiations,” Senator Kennedy said. “I made a commitment to only vote for a budget that includes UB 2020 in its entirety. This budget does not do that.

"We can’t let the exclusion of UB 2020 kill our efforts to pass the plan this year. Considering the recently released Census data showing a significant decline in Buffalo's population, Western New York cannot afford to wait any longer to start critically important work rebuilding our economy with UB 2020. We can’t let up on the pressure to deliver this plan, which will help spark regional economic growth and put thousands of Western New Yorkers back to work."