Senator Kennedy Passes Key Bill to Boost Service Collaborative of WNY; Will Save Local Non-Profit $20,000

Kennedy’s bill will result in estimated $20,000 cost savings for The Service Collaborative, allowing them to invest more in neighborhoods, local non-profits. 

Legislation now needs Assembly approval and Governor’s signature. 

Kennedy: The Service Collaborative is Committed to Improving Quality of Life in Buffalo and WNY, and This Will Help Them Reduce Overhead Costs and Invest More in Our Community.

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Senator Tim Kennedy, D-Buffalo, secured Senate approval of a critical bill that will provide an important and much-needed boost to The Service Collaborative of WNY and their Framing Hope Warehouse. It’s estimated the legislation could save The Service Collaborative up to $20,000. At a time when government is relying more and more on non-profits like The Service Collaborative to help support the communities they serve, passage of Kennedy’s bill could not come soon enough for the organization.

Senator Kennedy’s legislation will allow The Service Collaborative to secure a property tax exemption for their Framing Hope Warehouse, which is located at 635 South Park Avenue in the City of Buffalo. The bill works retroactively to correct a clerical error which has denied The Service Collaborative of a property tax exemption they are entitled to as a non-profit, community-oriented organization.

“We can’t let a paperwork mishap obstruct the work of those whose sole focus is strengthening neighborhoods and supporting local families. That’s why I’m proud to partner with The Service Collaborative to secure this property tax exemption which they’ve earned and deserve,” said Senator Kennedy. “The Service Collaborative is driven to improve the quality of life in Buffalo and Western New York, and this legislation will help them reduce overhead costs and invest more of their resources into our community. Through the continued success of the Framing Hope Warehouse, The Service Collaborative is providing new hope to local children and families who are served by area non-profits.”

“By alleviating this financial burden, we can refocus our efforts on serving our community,” said Kate Sarata, executive director of The Service Collaborative of WNY. “Senator Kennedy was there when we needed him, and he stepped up to help us out. We’re thankful that he helped usher the legislation through the Senate, and we’re hopeful that the Assembly will now take up the bill. We’ll always keep working on important projects in Western New York, but this legislation will be a huge help toward those efforts.” 

Kennedy said once this legislation is approved in the Assembly and signed into law, it will result in a potential savings of $20,000 to The Service Collaborative – which they can then re-invest into their community projects. Kennedy is urging the Assembly to take action on this measure and help The Service Collaborative remain a leading player in community redevelopment in Western New York.

The Framing Hope Warehouse offers essential and high-quality building materials at low costs to area non-profits. It’s the first warehouse of its kind in the nation that leverages donations from local and national retailers through a partnership with Good 360. The warehouse partners with local non-profits that care for or work with young people, needy families or the ill and provides those partners with materials they need for projects or events.

Organizations seeking resources and support should contact The Service Collaborative at 716-845-5330 or

The paperwork snafu – which caused The Service Collaborative to miss out on their property tax exemption – happened several years ago when the property at 635 South Park Avenue was changing hands. To prevent the property from becoming vacant – and potentially blighted – The Service Collaborative moved quickly to take over the building. Due to the timing that they acquired this property, they were unable to apply for exemption status, despite their eligibility and qualification for such an exemption. As a result, they currently owe back-taxes.

This bill would alleviate the hardship that The Service Collaborative would suffer should they be required to pay the back taxes. The legislation has been sent to the Assembly for their approval. Once it’s passed there, it will go to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.

The Service Collaborative of WNY is headquartered in Buffalo on Seneca Street near Cazenovia Park.


Senator Timothy M. Kennedy represents the New York State Senate’s 63rd District, which is comprised of the town of Cheektowaga, the city of Lackawanna and nearly all of the city of Buffalo. More information is available at